Infinity Pro® 1 Gallon Jugs. Case of four. Ready to Use. The 1st Multi-Purpose Protectant To Eliminate, Protect & Inhibit Odor, Smoke, Corrosion & Rust. Stops Pests In Their Tracks. Water-Based, Non-Toxic, Apply To Textiles Or Hard Surfaces.

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Infinity Pro® 1 Gallon jug come a case f four. Infinity Pro® is an odor and smoke eliminator that has been scientifically proven to eliminate odor & smoke on contact. Once applied to clothing or any other textile and hard surface the mist creates a safe Hyper Green® barrier of protection against the odor returning. Infinity Pro® is the longest lasting odor eliminator spray on the market today for protecting textiles and all other surfaces. Use Infinity Pro® in and around your office, shop, warehouse, gym, home  and any other places you like. Infinity Pro® eliminates pest activity in the areas you spray. 


EFFECTIVE ON THESE ODORS: Skunk, pet odor, pet bedding, pet urine, pet feces, litter boxes, shoes & sneakers, human scent, diapers, diaper pails, trash cans, garbage, mold, mildew, musty, sulfur, ammonia, protein spills, garlic, onion, pungent, putrid, fish, rotten eggs, sour milk & many, gym equipment, and many more odors.

EFFECTIVE ON THESE SMOKE ODORS: Cigarettes, cigar, cannabis, chemical, electrical, as well as, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, (PAH) which are the worst 100 carcinogenic organic compounds released from smoke substances. Works great on BBQ smoke, bonfire & all other smoke odors.

EFFECTIVE ON THESE HARD SURFACES: Roof, siding, wood decks, concrete patios, stucco, tiles, shanks, shingles, all painted areas, wall boards, wood composite patio ceilings, duck board, counter tops, floor coverings, patio furniture, awnings, shutters, air conditioning units, fiberglass, metal, wood, ceramics, stone, concrete, vinyl, internal HVAC systems, coils and many more hard surfaces.

EFFECTIVE ON THESE TEXTILE SURFACES: Apparel, linens, carpet, rugs, bedding, draperies, wallpaper, air filters, upholstery, leather, recreational and occupational gear, footwear, pet beds/blankets, diapers and their bins, and works on many more textiles. 


Cherry, Peppermint Fresh & Clean and Wintergreen.

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